Fortnite VS PUBG | Which one is better?

These games seem to be in the media almost daily. Both are survival games that were inspired by Japanese thriller movie called Battle Royale.

Both games have been received well by critiques and players and have gathered millions of fans in quite a short period of time.

But which one is better?

Let’s start by reviewing some of the positives and the negatives that has been applied on each game :

Here’s a list of the advantages for both of the games, which may be flipped to be the disadvantages of the other game(i.e. PUBG advantages are Fortnite disadvantages).

1 – PUBG Advantages :

  • Multiple Maps
  • First Person Perspective Game Mode
  • Realistic Graphics, the maps make geographical sense
  • The ability of driving
  • Character Customization
  • Gun customization by means of gun attachments
  • The implementation of bullet drop and classical physics
  • Guns that are not shotguns are actually useful and contribute >50% kills
  • Scopes for basically every gun, most of which can be swapped around

2 – Fornite advantages :

  • Free to play
  • Well Optimized
  • Easy To Spot Enemies
  • Fast-Paced
  • Building Mechanism Adds Higher Skill Ceiling
  • Very Quick From Lobby To Actually Playing
  • You get to build stuff by expressing your creativity
  • No blood
  • Cool flying tools, launchpads, and traps among a host of things that are appealing to children
  • Guns have no recoil for newbies

I must point out, Fortnite has a linear bullet trajectory and shotguns are used for about 90% of kills(unofficial statistics) by jumping around while shooting enemies. The aim assist in mobile is terribly high. It is subjective opinion whether this is good or bad.

Now let’s bring it to the disadvantages for both games :

3 – PUBG Disadvantages :

  • Poorly Optimized
  • Hard To Spot Enemies
  • Slow-Paced
  • More Campers Can be Found in PUBG Than Fortnite

4 – Fortnite Disadvantages :

  • Only Third Person Perspective Game Mode
  • Graphics May Not Appeal To Everyone
  • No Character Customization
  • Less Realistic Graphics Comparing To PUBG


Overall, Fortnite is directed at children and above, whereas PUBG is catered to teenagers. That’s why there is a difference in scientific accuracy and the way the games are played.

If you are an adult, I recommend you try out both to see which you prefer more.

For kids, just play… it’s up to the parents.

Building might be hard for PUBG regulars playing Fortnite, and Fortnite regulars might find the recoil and bullet drop mechanics of PUBG challenging to deal with.

Short answer

So Which one is better?

Well i CAN’T answer that question for you. Only You can decide whatever Fortnite or PUBG is better!

Let us know in the comment which game you think it’s the best and why so?

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